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Approach in working with clients

With rising rates of mental health issues, no one is immune from set backs now and again and making the choice to work with a therapist can be a difficult one. Reclaiming your life and maintaining wellbeing are important and therefore choosing an art therapist who puts your unique needs first is essential. 

Having experienced first hand the effects of prolonged stress and burnout, I understand the powerful role creativity can play in supporting people to overcome stress, recover from mental health challenges, build resilience and maintain self-care. 

I'm a firm believer that we are all created creative. Sometimes as adults we lose touch with it. Reigniting people's confidence in their own inherent creativity - however that may manifest - is an important part of my work. Because tapping into our innate wisdom and expressing our authentic selves in creative ways is inherently uplifting for our wellbeing.

My primary focus is to nurture you to reconnect with your own internal wisdom. Answers to your most perplexing challenges lie within. My approach is to help you experience this knowledge and guidnance through your art making process. 

My work is also grounded in a strong evidence base about what works and is informed by a humanistic approach incorporating positive psychology, mindfulness and compassion. In my private practice I specialise in trauma-informed practices that are infomred by neuroscience, neurodevelopment and sensory and somatic processing. 

The mindfulness techniques I incorporate are based in my training and practices in Transcendental Meditation, Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction (MBSR) and 25 years of yoga practice. Maintaining a daily yoga practice has inspired my appreciation of the importance of the mind-body-spirit connection. Often l incorporate breath work and light movement, where appropriate. 

Having said all that I am strongly guided by your needs and goals and work with clients to determine how best we can work together to achieve what brought you to seek support. 


The task of therapy is not to eliminate suffering
but to give it a voice,
to find a form in which it can be expressed.
Expression is itself transformation;
this is the message of art.

Stephen Levine


Katherine has a wealth of knowledge around all things mindful, healing, creative and fun. She is a gifted art therapist and the most beautiful woman. Her sessions are the perfect tonic to our far too in the box lives....we sometimes just need to play with paint, and glue and glitter!

Sam, Yoga Instructor, Counsellor & Reiki Practitioner

Katherine is a brilliantly creative and thoughtful facilitator. 

Jane, ESL Teacher & Art Therapist

I have really valued Katherine as clinical supervisor in setting up and running my private art therapy practice. She is genuine and warm natured and full of ideas to assist me to find perspective when I have felt overwhelmed or have difficulties to move beyond. Katherine created a safe, supportive space for me despite our sessions being online for the most part. Her reassurance and ability to provide a nurturing yet insightful art activity was invaluable.

Art Therapist

We have been working with Katherine for our parent/community activity for the last three years in  a great fun night of art and a good few laughs. Katherine helps us all with reconnecting to our creative side and enjoy ourselves and find a hidden artist inside. These events sell out in days and we have a wait list as everyone who goes can’t wait to go back again. The P&C is very grateful that Katherine continues to deliver these programs for our community. 

Gayle, previous P&C President 

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