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The pace of change in this modern world is impacting on individuals levels of stress and wellbeing, personally and professionally. With rising rates of mental health issues, no one is immune from set backs now and again.


Having experienced first hand the effects of prolonged stress and burnout, I understand the powerful role creativity can play in supporting people to overcome stress, recover from mental health challenges, build resilience and maintain self-care. 


My expertise in promoting psychological wellbeing extends across the full spectrum of issues from perfectionism, anxiety and depression to complex grief and post traumatic stress. My clinical placements included providing art therapy services to developmentally complex adolescents in community based health center and  supporting adolescent refugees dealing with acculturation and learning and behavioural issues often linked with PTSD.

I'm a firm believer that we are all created creative. Sometimes as adults we lose touch with it. Reigniting people's confidence in their own inherent creativity - however that may manifest - is an important part of my work. Because expressing our authentic selves in creative ways is inherently good for our wellbeing.


My art therapy is grounded in a humanistic approach incorporating positive psychology and mindfulness. In my one-on-one practice I specialise in trauma-informed practices working with adolescents and adults to manage through anxiety, grief, PTSD and transitions. I maintain an interest in evidenced based practices and currently supervise Art Therapy Masters students' research in the University of Queensland Medical School program.


The mindfulness techniques I incorporate are based in my training and practices in Transcendental Meditation, Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction (MBSR) and 24 years of yoga practice. Maintaining a daily yoga practice for the past 5 consecutive years has also inspired my appreciation of the importance of the mind-body-spirit connection. Often l incorporate breath work and light movement, where appropriate. 


Katherine has a wealth of knowledge around all things mindful, healing, creative and fun. She is a gifted art therapist and the most beautiful woman. Her sessions are the perfect tonic to our far too in the box lives....we sometimes just need to play with paint, and glue and glitter!

Sam, Kundalini Yoga Instructor, Counsellor, Yogi

Katherine is a brilliantly creative and thoughtful facilitator. 

Jane, Teacher, Art Therapist

Contact me

For any questions you have, please reach me at:

Katherine Winlaw

5% of all proceeds of my creative wellbeing work is donated to FHEAL a non-profit foundation that supports creative arts therapy for refugee students in Queensland schools. This means when you improve your wellbeing it helps the wellbeing of those less advantaged.

Mobile: 0413 610 800
ABN: 84 927 072 980
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