specialising in promoting wellbeing,
managing burnout, life and career transitions and 
anxiety, depression, grief, trauma and PTSD

individual sessions and fees
  • hit a rough patch - a period of grief/loss, going through divorce, midlife crisis - and looking for a way ahead? 

  • you're the 1 in 5 currently experiencing anxiety or depression and looking to cope better and still your mind? 

  • stressed out or on the brink of burn out and looking to build your resilience?

  • want to explore your creative side but not sure where to start?

  • living with PTSD and need to increase your coping skills? 

  • going through a transition period and feel like what next, who am I? 

  • lost your edge, vitality or struggling to find the joy in your life?

  • plagued with tension in the neck and back, suffer from migraines and restless sleep and looking for some relaxation?

If you fit any of the descriptions, it may be time to try a creative approach.

Tap into the wonderous benefits of mindful art therapy. 




  • One hour face-to-face - $145 (includes all art materials)

  • One hour online (via Zoom) - $135 (does not include art materials)


My services are not covered under Medicare or mental health plans and you will need to check with your private health fund if rebates are applicable. 

I am not an NDIS provider but I often work with plan and self-managed NDIS participants. 

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Using a creative arts-based approach is a unique way to engage staff, fire up their innovation and creativity for increased wellbeing and happiness. 

Workshops are designed with your specific goals and needs.

Generally group sessions run for 2hrs, 1/2 day and full day. 


Topics vary and include:  

Women's wellbeing & resilience

designed to support women in promoting their wellbeing through creative expression and connection with others

- increases creative confidence and expression beyond the art room

- supportive and safe environment to build self esteem and resilience 

- leverages off art therapy, positive psychology, and mindfulness 


Creative debriefs

designed to assist teams who are facing transitions and change

- builds individuals awareness and understanding of the impact on them

- helps individuals to map a path through the change that can support their wellbeing

- supports increased resilience and ownership of the future 



Create positive work relationships

designed to improve communication and connections within your team 

·        building mindful pauses into team time 

·        identifying team strengths 

·        creating the environment for respect and inclusion 

·        heightening generosity and positivity

Improve team well-being

designed to improve well-being within your team 

·        understanding the full health and wellbeing continuum

·        enhancing positive emotions 

·        identifying the importance of recovery time and self-care practices

·        building better connections within the team

Harness creativity @ work  

designed to spark heightened sense of play and creativity in you and your team 

·        creating the space to play

·        censoring the inner critic 

·        making a mess and learning from mistakes/failures

·        taking the lead from your pen and heart

·        learning to listen to alternative views 



Prices for groups vary depending on the size of group, length of session and materials required. Happy to discuss, please send me an email to get a proposal. 


Group workshops  

Mandalas for Relaxation 

Mandalas are simple, require no technique, and can be a powerful means to facilitate meditation and feelings of calm. Learn how to create your own. 



Creative Alchemy 

Our level of happiness is directly related to our level of self-acceptance. Explore different sides of yourself using collage, in a transformational art-making process that supports self-compassion and acceptance.



Wisdom of the Heart 

Explore a transformational art making process. Experience the benefits of creativity and gain empowerment as you move into the wisdom of your heart.