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create, connect, revive and thrive!



to a place for creative expression and therapeutic support for women, young adults and children who may be experiencing challenging times. Whether it be through a private session, a group workshop or longer term program, I am here to support you or your organisation to create, connect, revive and thrive.

You may: 

  • have hit a rough patch

  • be experiencing anxiety or depression 

  • stressed and nearing burnout

  • living with complex PTSD and needing to increase coping skills

  • going through a career change or divorce

  • feeling lost or stuck and struggling to find meaning in life

  • looking for some relaxation 

  • wanting to explore their creative side

I'm a registered Art Therapist and human resource professional and operate from a trauma informed background. I specialise in anxiety, depression, grief, trauma and PTSD as well as managing burnout, and life and career transitions. 

You can work with me at my studio on Brisbane's northside or in your home. 

Promoting workplace wellbeing using creativity and group art therapy practices is another specialty area of mine. You can check out more information on my services page

I'm also a practising artist and you are welcome to check out my artwork for sale!

About art therapy

Art therapy draws on many fields of study- psychotherapy, counselling, positive psychology, cognitive behaviour, neuroscience, mindfulness and creative processes.

Art therapy has a robust and growing evidence baseis proven to be beneficial for:

  • stimulating relaxation

  • reducing stress

  • boosting the immune system

  • improving emotional regulation 

  • increasing a state of mindfulness or ‘flow’ and

  • promoting and improving wellbeing through creative pathways


Art therapy is a powerful health enhancing treatment extending back thousands of years and has been found to be effective in treating a range of symptoms and disorders across various populations in medical and therapeutic settings, including depression, anxiety, PTSD, eating disorders, ADD and more.


Creative expression and art therapy is increasingly being applied for improving wellbeing. A recent WHO report examining over 3000 types of creative-based interventions included art therapy and it's positive impact on wellbeing. 

Art Therapists are registered after completion of an accredited Master program which involves 800 hours of clinical practice. Art therapy uses art making processes to enhance well-being, physically, mentally, emotionally and socially. Making art can facilitate insights and growth  through the creative processes, known for fostering a state of flow, healing properties, balancing the nervous system and improving mind/body connections.

Art therapy is unlike art making for the focus is on the process and meaning as opposed to the actual creation or product. As a result there is no need for participants to have any skill, background or talent in art.

The only requirement is curiosity, an open mind and willingness to experiment with a variety of art materials.

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