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Creating a renewed sense of balance

Updated: Jan 10, 2019

As this splendid break between Christmas and New Year’s comes to a close on Friday, I’ve been reflecting on not only how grateful I am for the downtime but the role holidays, mini retreats, breaks and pauses all play in our pursuit of a better and more balanced life.

The OECD research on Work-Life Balance demonstrates how leisure time is essential to our wellbeing and conversely how long hours at work can negatively impact on our health and wellbeing.

Yet too many of us these days work at warp speed, think multi-tasking is a sign of vitality and/or intelligence and then on the weekends/holidays collapse in exhaustion or suffer burnout and wonder why.

Perhaps we should first heed the research from neuroscience on the perils of multi-tasking.

But balance is not a birthright; it cannot be achieved and is not handed to us in a pay check from an employer. Balance can only be created through the small choices we make each moment that align with the life we want.

More importantly creating a point of balance is not found in striving for more.

It lies in relaxation, stillness, quiet pauses and play.

If you’re interested in creating a more balanced life, invest in leisure pursuits that bring you joy and boost your wellbeing.

My Women’s Wellbeing series starts Saturday 16 March 2019 and runs for

2 hours each week until 13 April 2019.

The five week program is filled with: relaxation, creativity and connection and will leave you feeling calm, energised and inspired with a renewed sense of balance. Costs $125 per person covers all art materials and light refreshments.

The series is limited to a small group to ensure everyone feels safe, free from pressure and able to explore aspects of their life. Message me on to find out more or sign up.



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